duminică, 25 decembrie 2016

The girl who danced with the stars

She has always been a goddess. Her voice had the beauty of sirens, and the way she walked made people remember about the dancing fairies. She dressed herself with beautiful songs and fell asleep in a bed of roses and letters full of poetry. She had the heart of a lustful demon, but her mind was as clear as the snow. She danced with the stars and even the moon and the sun envied her because she had a pure beauty that shone even brighter than the light itself. She wasn't afraid of being wrong because she knew that every mistake she made was another stair which was supposed to help her rise even higher; she knew to learn, to change, to adapt to any situation and this scared people the most. Even men were afraid of her strength: she knew to love well; her love was like tornado because she could give everything. What scared them was the dashing way she could take back everything she had given. She gave light, but left those who betrayed her in a world dominated by an eternal darkness. She gave love, but left those who didn't love her back as much as she did with an empty heart and with the lack of loving another person; only the tasteless feeling of wanting to feel again the bliss of adoring her.

She was both, a blessing and a curse. But more than this, she was real: and it was her power, for even her weaknesses were virtues.

– Flavia B.

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